Escape room game is a game where your 2-6 person team has one hour to solve the puzzles, find the answer to the game’s story and get out. The game takes place in a locked room, where you will encounter tasks that require cunning, creativity and teamwork. Solving one puzzle gives clues as to how to solve another, and finally with all the puzzles solved one can open the door and exit. Escape rooms are a perfect way to detach yourself from your everyday life and whilst you’re immersing yourself in a story and solving puzzles, an hour can go by surprisingly fast. This experience will linger in your mind and give you lots to discuss and relate to friends and colleagues afterwards.

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For several months now a Mr. Amser Zeit has been a guest of our provost Lars Malmsten. This Mr. Zeit is a very learned and traveled man, and he has brought to the vicarage many an item and contraption he’s gathered in his travels. He has spent a lot of time with the provost presenting and explaining the functions of these various instruments. From these sessions the provost has on many a occation come out with a raptuous smile and a twinkle in his eye, speaking of many wonderous and horrible things in our future, such a s great railway, and two terrible wars...

Mr. Zeit has been given a permission to continue his work as an inventor and scientist during his stay at the vicarage, and thus the number of these strange instruments has been steadily increasing, as has the strange whirs, clicks, booms and ratcheting emenating from Mr. Zeit’s quarters.


Captain Viljami Halonen left to search for the lost church bell of Keuruu in june of 1924, confident that he’d figured out its location. He searched through the lakes, forests and sides of the roads of the area, but came up empty handed.

A small set of rooms has been preserved in the old Vicarage, where captain Halonen kept his quarters during his search. Maybe one could find captain’s notes or a clue to the whereabouts of the bell from within?

Can you find where the missing bell of Keuruu lies withing 60 minutes? Pop by the Captain’s Quarters and find out...