Escape room game is a game where your 2-6 person team has one hour to solve the puzzles, find the answer to the game’s story and get out. The game takes place in a locked room, where you will encounter tasks that require cunning, creativity and teamwork. Solving one puzzle gives clues as to how to solve another, and finally with all the puzzles solved one can open the door and exit. Escape rooms are a perfect way to detach yourself from your everyday life and whilst you’re immersing yourself in a story and solving puzzles, an hour can go by surprisingly fast. This experience will linger in your mind and give you lots to discuss and relate to friends and colleagues afterwards.

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It is the summer of 1889, time which would later be known as the culture summer of Keuruu. A guest of the vicarage and quite the prominent artist Mr. Axel Gallén is one of the many people who are immersing themselves into the musical, theatrical and poetic delights available here, at this time. Mr. Gallén has stayed happily at the vicarage for weeks now, but has for some inexplicable reason decided to leave earlier than planned. In fact on the day of his departure the artist storms out of the house slamming doors and shouting on his way. What on earth could’ve gotten Mr. Gallén so out of sorts? Can you solve the mystery in time?
(The Troubled Artist is a modified version of Mysteeri Experience’s game Larry B.)


Old Lovisa chamber of the vicarage has been haunted for years. Vases fall over and one can hear noises coming from an empty room. Old items change places, as if someone still living in the room was moving them. Can you solve the mystery of the ghost of the vicarage? Can you give peace to the spectre?